Green Tractor Scheme 2024 Apply Online [Cultivates Growth for Farmers]

Green Tractor Scheme

In a bid to revolutionize agriculture and empower farmers, the province of Punjab in Pakistan has unveiled its ambitious Green Tractor Scheme. This initiative represents a significant leap forward in modernizing the agricultural sector while promoting sustainability and economic growth. With its focus on providing eco-friendly machinery and support to farmers, the scheme aims to enhance productivity, reduce environmental impact, and uplift rural communities across Punjab.

Green Tractor Scheme Punjab Pakistan

Punjab Government Launches “Green Tractor” Scheme to Boost Agricultural Mechanization

In a strategic move aimed at catalyzing agricultural mechanization, the Punjab government is gearing up to introduce the “Green Tractor” scheme. This initiative, spearheaded by Chief Minister Punjab, is designed to provide farmers with access to small, medium, and large tractors at subsidized rates, with a strong emphasis on promoting mechanized farming practices across the province. Set to span over a year, the scheme is poised to uphold stringent quality standards, ensuring that all tractors provided under its ambit meet the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Punjab Agriculture Minister

The announcement of the scheme came from Punjab Agriculture Minister, Syed Ashiq Hussain Kirmani, during a recent review meeting attended by representatives from leading tractor manufacturing companies. Kirmani underscored the importance of mechanization at every stage of the scheme’s implementation, stressing the need for a fully mechanized system from tractor delivery to operational support.

Key Features of the Green Tractor Scheme:

  • Duration: Spanning over one year, the scheme offers farmers an extended window of opportunity to leverage its benefits, facilitating widespread adoption and impact.
  • Mechanized Process: Encompassing every aspect from application to tractor delivery, the scheme operates on a fully mechanized framework, streamlining procedures for enhanced efficiency and transparency.
  • Quality Assurance: With an unwavering commitment to excellence, the scheme prioritizes stringent quality standards for all Green Tractors provided. Farmers can rest assured that they will receive machinery of the highest caliber, renowned for its reliability and durability.

Punjab’s Green Tractor Scheme Cultivates Growth for Farmers

Green Tractor Scheme 2024 Apply Online

How to Apply for the Green Tractor Scheme 2024 in Punjab

Application Process for Punjab’s Green Tractor Scheme

At present, the provincial government has not disclosed the specifics regarding the application procedure for availing subsidized tractors through the Punjab Green Tractor Scheme. As soon as these details are released by the authorities, they will be promptly disseminated. We encourage you to stay informed and keep an eye out for forthcoming updates regarding the application process.


The Green Tractor Scheme represents a bold and visionary initiative by Punjab to transform its agricultural sector and promote sustainable development. By providing farmers with access to eco-friendly machinery, financial support, and technical assistance, the scheme has the potential to revolutionize farming practices, enhance productivity, and mitigate environmental impact. As Punjab takes the lead in embracing innovation and sustainability in agriculture, it sets an inspiring example for other regions to follow in harnessing the power of technology and collaboration to build a more prosperous and resilient future for agriculture and rural communities.

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